Administration Services to all programs

Human Resources' objective is to assist in activities undertaken to attract, develop and maintain an effective workforce within the organization.  Responsible for meeting the hundred plus employee's personnel needs

Communications' objective is to promote, inform, consult and update Blood Tribe Community members of KCSC programs and services

Information Technology provides technical support and maintains the network and computer systems


General Information

  • responsible for statutory services under the child, youth and family enhancement act
  • provision of all statutory services on the blood tribe reserve and case management of statutory services to band members who live off reserve but who are deemed ordinary resident on reserve within the catchments area of the southwest child and family services authority 


Types of Services provided

  • assessment/investigation of children at risk of neglect, emotional injury, physical unjustly or sexual abuse
  • family enhancement services
  • protection services
  • foster care/kinship care programs
  • adoption services
  • private guardian ship of children in the custody of director


Our Responsibility 

  • On-call program - is an emergency intervention service for children and youth (under 18 years of age)
  • Child youth information module (CYIM) check

Corporate Services is a responsibility shared across Kainaiwa Children’s Services for developing a skilled and diverse workforce, along with strategic planning, resource allocation and management models. It involves providing appropriate policies, programs, processes and information and communications systems that enhance Kainaiwa Children’s Services corporate capability and improve business process and delivery. The Corporate Services Department consists of Human Resources, Payroll, Information Technology, Administration and Communications.  



(Buffalo Child) Program provides cultural knowledge and activities to blood tribe children in Northern Alberta


Niitsititapia'pii Program

Blackfoot Culture and Language Program - Provides cultural knowledge and activities to blood tribe children in Southern Alberta


Family connections program

The blood tribe family connections demonstration project seeks to strengthen cultural connectivity for blood tribe children residing off reserve.


Other Programs

Children out of parental care - provides financial assistance for children temporarily living with extended family.