A Program offered by Kainaiwa Children’s Services Corporation

The Blood Tribe Youth Ranch is a safe place which creates and develops successful First Nation children and families.

Client Referral and

Entrance Criteria


All placements will be authorized by the Blood Tribe Youth Ranch Manager and/or Kainaiwa Children’s Services Corporation Executive Director, based on admission criteria. 

A) 12 to 17 years of age;

B) Must not be immediate risk of suicide or violent behavior;

C) Meet intake requirements and a treatment program must compliment the referral;

D) Written Approval from the Blood Tribe Youth Ranch Manager and/or Executive Director of Kainaiwa Children’s Services Corp.


All client discharges from the Blood Tribe Youth Ranch Program will be determined in consultation with the child’s Social Worker /Case Manager, the BTYR Staff, the Treatment Consultant/Psychologist and the placement committee.


Blood Tribe Youth Ranch 

Program Overview


The Blood Tribe Youth Ranch (BTYR) is a 12 bed coed facility located in Standoff, Alberta; and provides 24-hour residential services to Blood Tribe and First Nation adolescents and youth involved in the Child Welfare System. 

The Blood Tribe Youth Ranch is a behavioral management and treatment program offered by Kainaiwa Children’s Services Corporation (KCSC). The Treatment Program can be described as holistic and environmental. The main focus of the program is to assist the residents in dealing with their issues by utilizing the external environment, the educational program, cultural activities, peer/staff family interaction, accurate day-to-day living situations.

Intervention is holistic based and culturally appropriate. The BTYR utilizes group module programming.  

The BTYR scope of delivery includes treatment services in the areas of behavior, alcohol, drug and substance abuse, grief and loss, anger, abandonment and other related issues. The program is based on a level system and the length of stay usually averages a minimum of three (3) months to a maximum of nine (9) months stay.

The program encourages family and community involvement and tries to incorporate customs and traditions from the communities in which the youth are referred from; the Cultural component at the BTYR bases its activities on traditional First Nations values, beliefs, and practices. The cultural activities consist of daily prayers and goals, elder ceremonial practices, events, language and healing circles.

Furthermore, (KCSC)/BTYR contracts with a Treatment Consultant/Registered Psychologist who provides mandatory testing and assessments to all referred youth, as well as, one-to-one weekly counselling sessions. 

The Assessment testing is usually done within the first month of the clients stay. Completed Psycho-Educational Assessments will be placed in the client’s file and forwarded to their referring Social Worker &/or Case Manager. As well, KCSC/BTYR is in partnership with the Kainai Board of Education, in providing a Certified Teacher and a Specialized Educational Program to meet the needs of the referred youth

The BTYR also employs a full-time Family Support Worker (FSW) who works closely with the youth and their families (when applicable) by assisting with family reunification. If circumstances prevent a child from reuniting with family, the FSW will assist in locating a suitable placement for the youth. 


Brochure for KCSC

Blood tribe youth ranch - a 12 bed accredited residential treatment facility for children between the ages of 11-17 years, with child welfare status. The method focuses on utilizing a traditional and holistic approach to healing aboriginal youth with behavioural problems




(Buffalo Child) Program provides cultural knowledge and activities to blood tribe children in Northern Alberta


Niitsititapia'pii Program

Blackfoot Culture and Language Program - Provides cultural knowledge and activities to blood tribe children in Southern Alberta


Family connections program

The blood tribe family connections demonstration project seeks to strengthen cultural connectivity for blood tribe children residing off reserve.


Other Programs

Children out of parental care - provides financial assistance for children temporarily living with extended family.