Vision Statement

Through great pride in our history, tradition, culture and language, Kainaiwa Children's Services Corporation is dedicated to the development and protection of our children and families as we create our nations future.

Kainaipookaiksi (Blood Children)

Mission Statement

Through holistic programming, based on Traditional values as out-lined in the declaration of Elders, "Kainaysinni", Kainaiwa Children's Services Corporation works with the children and families in need of support and protection to become positive, healthy contributing members of our community.

KCSC Objective

KCSC’s primary goal is to develop and implement a holistic program which will address the holistic needs of Blood Tribe children and families.


The Creator put on this earth all peoples with a unique culture and language to occupy a specific territory of land to fulfill his purpose for creation. Thus We, the members of Kainaiwa, a member of the Blackfoot Confederacy: speak the Blackfoot language; among other things, hold Ninastako and Mookowanssini as sacred monuments; which among other beliefs include the Sundance; socially and tribally organized into extended families, clans and tribes; govern ourselves according to customs given to our people by the Creator; presently occupying the Blood Indian Reserve lying between the Belly and St. Mary's rivers; To maintain ourselves under guidance of our Creator; To initiate a sense of responsibility to our people and nation; To continue to seek better means of survival; To provide for an orderly and accepted way of carrying our culture; To allow freedom of expression and diversity; and in general, to promote the rights, powers and welfare of our Nation; under the powers we hold as a sovereign people, do ordain and establish the "Tribal System."


Declaration of the Elders of the Blood Tribe Nation


Whereas the Declaration of the First Nations, as adopted by the Chiefs of Canada to which our Chief, Roy Fox, is a signatory, express the philosophy of the Elders of the Blood Indian Nation:

And Whereas the Elders recognize that the Blood Indian Nation has always existed as a Nation from time immemorial;

And Whereas the Elders recognize that the Blood Indians have always had control over it's religious, political, economic and cultural destinies: including the right to establish laws and exercise jurisdiction over our territories and recourse without interference;

And Whereas the Elders recognize the trust held by our Chief and Council to protect our inherent rights given to us by our Creator for our children and for generations to come.

And Whereas the Elders desirous of ensuring that the Chief and Council of our Nation are responsible for and accountable to the membership of the Blood Indian Nation as represented by a responsible Indian Government;

Now Therefore, the Elders of the Blood Tribe Indian Nation hereby declare that the leaders of our nation ensure to its membership the following:


1. To ensure that the spirit and intent of Treaty 7 be fulfilled and protected of which our ancestors were signatories.

2. The protection and assertion of our inherent right to govern ourselves and the right to self-determination be maintained by codifying those traditional and customary values and beliefs as practiced by our people, who recognize the principle of the Supremacy of the Creator.

3. To fulfill the obligations and responsibilities entrusted to the Chief and Council by the membership in working towards the best interest of the Blood Indian Nation.

4. To protect and maintain our aboriginal rights, and especially those aboriginal rights to our lands.


The Elders of the Blood Indian Nation Hereby

Ratify Confirm this Declaration.

Commenced 1982 – Ratified 1988



(Buffalo Child) Program provides cultural knowledge and activities to blood tribe children in Northern Alberta


Niitsititapia'pii Program

Blackfoot Culture and Language Program - Provides cultural knowledge and activities to blood tribe children in Southern Alberta


Family connections program

The blood tribe family connections demonstration project seeks to strengthen cultural connectivity for blood tribe children residing off reserve.


Other Programs

Children out of parental care - provides financial assistance for children temporarily living with extended family.